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Latest update, 5 July 2019: Another new map released this year. This latest map called Crossfire. Check it out!


About: Welcome to the site! Here you can find my custom content for Action Quake 2 - maps, movies, paks, configs, wallpapers and more. The idea behind the site, is to bring more quality content to a kickass game. It can be new maps, that both look and play well. A frag movie that will give you some extra motivation to get back into the game and play some more. Or maybe something that you need for yourself, like a good pak file with a new HUD. For each new release, the site will be updated and to find out first or make sure you have it all, pay a visit from time to time.

I love Action Quake 2, been playing since 1999. It was my friend Exter that introduced me to the game and also inspired me to start making maps. My nick, WizardExt, is a combination of my favorite old game Simon the Sorcerer and my friend Exter. Action Quake 2 is my favorite modification. It's so simple, but still so much fun. You can enjoy it for 10 minutes or 3 straight hours.. Throughout the years I played in many clans, on a lot of different servers and fought both skilled and less skilled players. I have experienced the highs and the lows of the community. With its huge popularity back in the days, to the struggle during the last couple of years. Thanks to Action Quake 2 I have even traveled the world a bit, visiting Finland for the Finnish Open Cup, twice. I have been to Dreamhack a couple of times and also smaller (but still not local) lan parties with my former clan [M.I]. Great times!

As long as I play the game I will support it in every way that I can. Feel free to contact me about ideas, feedback, comments..

Thanks for the visit, see you on the servers!

MAIL: wizardext [at] gmail [dot] com
IRC @ QuakeNet: #aq2suomi #aq2world
IRC @ GlobalGamers: #tastycast

Name: David Lundvall
Nick: WizardExt
Born: 1983
Country: Sweden
Signature: WeeeEEEeeeeEEEEeeee!
Favorite Weapon: Sniper
Favorite Item: Kevlar Vest
Maps-I-Like: rok, teamjungle, urban, kumanru, tequila, cliff2, tjt, junkke2, riot, urban2, wfall, jungle1, deepcanyon
Maps-I-Don't-Like: ff, cloud2, torabora, cliff
Maps-I-Think-Looks-Good: ground3, kumanru, tequila, lumber, lavatube, deepcanyon2, silitex2, riotx, teacher
Current Clan: -
Previous Clans: eC * [SoL] [M.I] (c) [j] cSu }i{ V